Hank Be Thankful Children’s book design

Hank Be Thankful children's book and advent calendar centerpiece/toy

Hank Be Thankful is a children’s book and advent calendar centerpiece/toy for the Thanks Giving season. As a designer my job was to layout and submit print ready files for the book. Additionally I altered many of the provided photoshop illustrations to fit book proportions and provided illustration files for print on the plastic toy surface. I also created the package design for the book and toy to be sold together commercially.

Quote from the author/client:
“Katrina was essential to my ability to get this project done. I simply could not have done it without her expertise, research, and work. Katrina made edits to my illustrated children’s book, got the book completely set up for the publisher, created art for the project, designed the product packaging and basically walked me through every aspect of this job. She was outstanding. Her work is beautifully done with great attention to detail. She communicates very well and providing incredible suggestions which I incorporated. I am very grateful for all that Katrina did. I simply could not have done this without her.” — Vanessa Foy, Hank Be Thankful Author & toy developer

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